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Feature suggestions

Post by makattack4000 » Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:47 pm

Hi Harry,

Great software, many thanks for creating a great program for a good price. I hope I am not repeating something others have mentioned, but I have a few recommendations for future releases

#1 Ability to change the overlay video screen. Right now it is set for a standard fixed format, but it would be awesome to have multiple gauges to choose from and have a checklist of what we want to see as data.

#2 Under the lap listing. When we review videos of a certain lap in raw format, it tends to skip all the way to the beginning. Is there anyway for the video to start only on that lap?

#3 In the timer screen, is there anyway to change the field of what we look at. For example let's say I want to monitor water temperature instead of curve speed, I want to see if it would be possible to change it.

#4 Would it be possible to have a breakdown of sector times by laps? I guess it is almost like using Circuit Tools, except on the phone.

#5 I don't know if this is an issue with my VBox sport or the software, but on occasions I get a little spikes in the data, which I know are based on interruption in satellite signal. Is there anyway for HLT to smooth it out with a click of a button?

Once again, thanks for everything. I am really liking my current setup. I am using

#1 VBox Sport ($475)
#2 Mount for VBox sport ($15)
#3 Ram Mount ($35)
#4 HLT GP (<$30)
#5 Wifi based el cheapo OBDII reader ($25)
#6 My IPhone 6

Optional #6 GoPro as an additional source of camera
Optional #7 Racerender, additional videos

With your software and the new IPhone 6, I can now sell my original performancebox.
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