"Send TrackDay" and subsequent Crash

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"Send TrackDay" and subsequent Crash

Post by Srcypher » Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:59 pm

I transferred lap data from my iPhone to my ipad, looked like the transfer was OK, then deleted the laps from my iPhone.

When I went to the Ipad, the app crashed, prompted me to eliminate too many backup databases, and restarted.
But the transferred laps were gone.

What is the right method, if any, to view/recover these laps?
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Re: "Send TrackDay" and subsequent Crash

Post by Harry » Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:17 pm


LapTimer stores databases either when a lap is finished, or when the app is sent to background. In case one of these items have been done after the transfer and before the crash, you will find your laps to be part of the latest recovery database. Please check if you find a recent recovery database first.

To do this, download either iBrowse or iFunbox - both are free tools available for PCs and Macs. Once installed, connect the iPad and scroll down to the LapTimer app / Documents. This folder will show lots of .pdb files representing your current database, and sub folders named "recovery*". Inspect the recovery directories for recent timestamps to identify a candidate for restore.

Make sure the LapTimer app is not alive and kill the process to be sure.

Before restoring, copy all .pdb files from the Documents folder to your desktop. In case the recovery approach does not work, it is good to have that backup...

Next, delete all .pdb, .pdb.save and .pdb.dirty / other dot files in Documents. This step is important!

Copy all .pdb files from the restore candidate up to the Documents folder.

Finally, pray and start LapTimer and check if you find your laps.

- Harry
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