Video Saving Issues on Nexus 4

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Video Saving Issues on Nexus 4

Post by JB123M » Sat May 17, 2014 2:46 pm

Hi Harry,

I really like your app but ran into some serious problems first time using the app at the Nürburgring. Basically all I did was driving 5 laps in a row on the Grand Prix track to find out that no video was stored, only the data files?

The exact procedure was:
1. Starting the App
2. Ensure there's GPS / Location available
3. Select the Driver / Car
4. Select the track (Nürburgring Grand Prix)
5. Pressed "Start driving"
6. Pressed "Video"
7. Saw the picture from the camera on the screen + some overlay (time, g-forces, ...)
8. Started driving

What happened then:
I heard the beep on every lap when crossing the start/finish line. The phone seemed to record the video, everything looked alright (similar to the 2 laps driven on the Nordschleife before where video was saved correctly).
After leaving the track when I checked my phone the app was displaying some strange message that the phone ran out of storage and that no video can be stored. I checked my device and I had 3,8 GB of free space. The video quality was set to 720p only to save space and since one lap of Nordschleife was aprrox 600MB (9:30mins) one lap of the Grad Prix Track can't be more than 200MB (around 2:50mins).

Why I think this is an error/bug:
I drove a total of 5 laps on the Grand Prix track, assuming 200MB for one lap I end up with 1 GB of space in total. There was definitely 3,8 GB of free space on my device.
I saw the error saying something like "The video could not be stored because there was not enough free space on your device" (<- not the exact wording) while there was enough space to store 3 times the amount of video.

After searching in the forum I found the error message I saw in this thread:
It's "Saving Video failed. Either operation has been interrupted, or memory is low"
The only particularity I can think of is that my battery was low, means when I started I was around 30% and leaving the track the battery was down to 12%. In case it was not a memory issue, which is unlikely with almost 4 GB of free space, I have no idea what could have caused an operation interruption. Phone was fixed in a mount all the time and not touched.

I'm using the latest Harry's LapTimer Petrolhead Edition v18.0.17 from May 3rd 2014
My phone is a Nexus 4 with 16GB of memory in total (usually I always have around 6 GB free when going to the track)
I'm running the phone on Cyanogen Mod 10.2.1 (last stable release) with Android 4.3.1

Best regards,
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