How to import vehicles into Android HLT

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How to import vehicles into Android HLT

Post by magus4286 »

I have exported a .hvehz file corresponding to a vehicle from one Android device and downloaded it on to another Android device, both running Petrolhead. How does one import the file into HLT?

I saw on the forum a description of the process on iOS where the file type appears to have been associated with HLT and attempting to open the file automatically sends it to HLT (or presents a menu with the option to do so), but I am not experiencing this on Android, where the phone simply indicates the file cannot be opened. Do I need to manually create a file association using another utility app (e.g. Astro, perhaps) so that HLT is registered for that file extension?

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Re: How to import vehicles into Android HLT

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The process is the same but a bit flaky... Try killing LapTimer before pressing the attachment. Or try storing the attachment in Dropbox and press it here. Both .hvehl and .hvehz are registered.

- Harry
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