Best Motorcycle Mounting and Calibration?

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Best Motorcycle Mounting and Calibration?

Post by Ryderrookie » Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:37 pm

The documentation says to mount the iPhone on the Steering Rod. I assume that is the handle bar, yes? Should the iPhone be mounted flat or upright? Does it actually matter? When calibrating the acceleration should the phone of upright or flat?

A picture of two would help immensely. I'm very excited about using this application. I ride with a group of people who are track day junkies and who spend lots of money on GPS track timers. I'm just getting to the level where my lap times actually matter. Finding this application saved me enough money for 2 full sets of racing tires.

But I want to be able to make full use of the app as quickly as possible. I foresee most people ditching their $500 gps machines in favor of this. We all have iPhones.
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Re: Best Motorcycle Mounting and Calibration?

Post by Harry » Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:28 am


To get calibration right, the iPhone needs to be at least a bit upright - not completely flat.
The picture below shows a good solution (do not know the name):


On the other hand, acceleration measures are limited for motorbikes anyway. As you lean into curves, lateral acceleration is neutralized all the time. It would be possible to work around this using the gyro sensors - however, this item slipped through my to do list for quite some time now... Currently, it is best to calculate acceleration from the GPS signal (instead of using the measured acceleration). To calculate, navigate to your lap's details and press the Recalculate button in the bottom of the screen.

- Harry
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