1st timer questions

Help on issues you run into with LapTimer; in case you have a question on how to use LapTimer, use the forum "Using LapTimer" instead
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1st timer questions

Post by solflower » Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:52 am

I just came back from a day at Infineon Raceway with the Pro version of lap timer and let me just say, what an AMAZING app. I had a few issues on the track and a few questions
-The app continuously crashed when attached to the tomtom GPS cradle, however my phone is a Jailbroken 3GS running 3.1.2. I have to be jailbroken because I am on T-Mobile and its the only way to unlock my phone. I assume these crashes are from the fact that im running an Old Jailbroken OS, are there any patches or any way to make the app more stable with the cradle?
-Is there a way to turn off the phone functionality but leave the GPS on, obviously airplane mode turns everything off so that wont work. I had a few sessions where i got a text or a call while i was on track and it crashed the app. Any ideas?
-lastly I was showing current lap on both the upper and lower timer windows, I'd like to show "last lap" or "best session lap" in the lower window and "current lap" in the upper window, is that possible?

Now that im home I want to export the data and create a visual with a map and a speedometer readout to overlay on a layer in Final Cut Pro over several camera angles that were captured during the session. Are there any Mac applications that can do this, ive found a few PC apps but nothing for the mac?

Lastly, I see how to export single lap data but is there a way to group the data by session? I have strings of 8+/- laps that I want to overlay into one video of the session, but i cant envision how i would paste them all together to run seamlessly into one long data overlay for the session?

Please advise...

Overall, fantastic app and what a deal!

thank you!
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Re: 1st timer questions

Post by Harry » Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:05 am


Crashes: LapTimer offers support down to 3.1.3. Please upgrade at least to this version.

As long as you use the TomTom car kit, you can turn off your mobile (flight mode). LapTimer does not use the (disabled) location stack from the iPhone but accesses the GPS sensor included in the TomTom directly.

Some more configurations for the timer view are on my list for v14 already.

The only apps for external overlaying I've tested with LapTimer export are TrackVision and DashWare. Both are available for Windows PCs only. I used DashWare within a VMware Fusion environment on my Mac and that worked.

You can group your 8 laps to one using a text editor. This is pretty easy with the CSV formats you will most probably use for the named overlaying apps.

Hope that helps,

- Harry
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