Mix up of which video goes with which lap

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Mix up of which video goes with which lap

Post by Nor » Sun May 15, 2011 5:20 pm


I took laptimer pro out to the track for the first time last week. While it worked well, I found two issues with it:
1) After a first session on the track, I added the GPS overlay to my fastest lap. I then mounted my phone to a friends car, with a new car description and driver name, and recorded the next session. When I went back to try to add the GPS overlay to his lap, it became obvious that the wrong video was associated with his laps. It looks like all the videos got out of order, possibly something to do with me adding the GPS overlay to just one lap at some point.
In the end I had to re-assign each original video to each lap manually. This was a bit tedious but it seemed that the video name has exactly the same time stamp as the lap stats so that it is not too hard to find out which video goes with each lap. It would be go however if this could be done automatically. I had 30 laps to do and it took a while to get it right and re-overlay all the GPS info.
Would it be possible to allow for a major reset of all of the videos, to the original ones without the overlay? Also, having an option to add overlays to all the laps in a session would be a use time saving.
2) For whatever reason, whenever I load LapTimer to edit the laps ( as I did in (1) ), the app keeps detecting new laps, a few seconds each. So that in the end, every time I exported the gps overlay to an existing track, I ended up with bogus, few seconds long, laps added to my lap list. Is there a way to disable laptimer at all and is this some option I missed somewhere? I was about 100km away from the track when I was doing this so I am sure that the trigger points are not what activated the lap time :-)

Great program otherwise!
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