Polar H7 heart sensor & Healthkit

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Re: Polar H7 heart sensor & Healthkit

Postby Harry » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:46 am

Just to clarify: as written before, LapTimer does not trigger health data recording or stores data. This process is completely independent from LapTimer and triggered just by wearing the H7 & friends (and enabling Health Kit recordings). I repeat this to make sure we are on the same page for trouble shooting.

Given that, there are two potential issues.

1) Data you see in HK does not match the time ranges on track.
2) LapTimer does not correctly map timestamps of measurements in Health Kit to lap time ranges recorded by LapTimer.

To troubleshoot the later, a debugging enabled LapTimer version is required - I can provide this during beta phases only.
So let us check #1 first. To do this, please select any single lap from Lap List you assume heath data should have been recorded by the H7 / Health Kit. Create a snapshot showing the time of day and lap time of this lap. Next, start the Health app and select the chart showing heart rates. Zoom / scroll to the lap's time range and create a snapshot showing the time range and data collected. For privacy reasons, it is probably better to send these snapshots to Harry@gps-laptimer.de

- Harry

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Re: Polar H7 heart sensor & Healthkit

Postby devenh » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:26 pm

Yes, it is very clear that LapTimer reads the Health data.

Thinking iOS 11 might help the situation, I installed 11.0.3 and now -- no matter how I configure it -- Health is not receiving the heart rate data. Under iOS 10, Health Sources Devices listed the iPhone and the H7. Under iOS 11, only the iPhone appears.

If and when I get Health recording heart rate data, I will try HLT again.

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