OBD update rate?

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Re: OBD update rate?

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Ok, the OBD sensor was not working but I did get the firmware update and now it connects in the OBD app but it still does not connect in LapTimer. Still shows obd update rate problem.
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Re: OBD update rate?

Post by Harry »


There is still an issue with OBD communication. The PIDs displayed show your car doesn't announce RPM and VSS as PIDs available - which is kind of the basic set. It is well possible your car's OBD implementation doesn't respond correctly to your PID 0100 request. This request is used by LapTimer to evaluate which PIDs are actually available. In case it doesn't respond correctly, LapTimer will not work with the car.

I assume you have made sure OBDLink's app (or any other OBD app) is not active in background?

The only thing you may try in addition is to hint LapTimer it should connect with your car's specific protocol (instead of using an AUTOmatic detection): LapTimer ‣ Administration ‣ Settings ‣ Expert Settings ‣ OBD Tweaks / Default Protocol ‣ SAE J1850 VPW (10.4 kbps).

- Harry
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