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Push SmartGauge Integration

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:12 am
by shopkins402
Hello All,

I'm looking into buying the Push SmartGauge and was wondering how it integrates with HLT. When I import the Push data will it show up as separate laps or will it automatically sync with the laps already in HLT? I was planning on using the Push as my GPS but still using HLT to record the OBD data.


Re: Push SmartGauge Integration

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:59 pm
by Harry

The PUSH is usually used standalone, i.e. without a smartphone (on the bike). This means it logs data without splitting it into laps or doing other analysis. Once back in the pits, you start the PUSH app and it pulls the data recorded from the device and submits it to PUSH's cloud. Within the PUSH app, you will see a list of log files (usually a session's recording). Tap one of the log files and LapTimer starts up. LapTimer will check if the corresponding track set is loaded already and will prompt you to select the one matching. Next, it splits the session file into lap.

Sounds complicated, but is actually a pretty neat integration.

You can't mix LapTimer recorded OBD data with GPS data coming from the PUSH. In case you want this scenario and have no problems taking the smartphone with you on track, please choose one of the GPS solutions shown on or

- Harry