Kiwi3 bluetooth + external bluetooth gps

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Kiwi3 bluetooth + external bluetooth gps

Postby broomerc » Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:11 pm

I bought a Kiwi3 back in December that I am planning to use it with Harry's Laptimer, and I am wondering if anyone has any experience using the Kiwi3 with one of the bluetooth external gps units. I am specifically looking at the DUAL XGPS 160 (SKY PRO). Both of these are listed as compatible with HLT, but I am wondering if anyone has experience connecting both to HLT at the same time. I will be using a GoPro Hero3+ Silver for recording video.

Also, if I use the external bluetooth gps, is there any reason that I would not be able to put away my phone in some place like the center console? I am looking to get a phone mount, but it does not appear that the iphone 7+ specific RAM cradle is available yet. I am also concerned that for some of the driving events where I want to record video, I could get asked to not have a timing device where I can see it. I started driving with NASA last year and ended in DE2. I am not sure how they feel in my region about DE2 drivers watching lap times. Last year, I just recorded video with my GoPro.

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Re: Kiwi3 bluetooth + external bluetooth gps

Postby Harry » Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:58 am

Should work just fine. I recall one report from a user with a problem connecting both a Kiwi 3 and a XGPS... But possible reasons for issues with (multiple) wireless devices are so many, that it has most probably been an individual issue.

The 6+ cradle should work with the 7+ too. But better ask RAM.

When using an external GPS, you can put your phone into the center console. Acceleration measurements may be screwed up because of the wrong orientation, but you can generate this information from GPS after the fact.

Take care the phone is fixed somehow and that the screen is on and cannot be "touched".


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