Bluetooth Questions

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Bluetooth Questions

Post by » Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:29 pm


I've been using Harry's Lap Timer this year on track and I love it! It's a great app and I love the resulting videos using my Sony Z3 Compact.

I was on track at Silverstone last weekend and noticed that the GPS didn't seem as reliable as normal -

I know that a GPS receiver will improve and I'd also like to add an OBD reader to add more info to the videos. I've been looking through the recommended accessories and the ones that stand out are those below (mainly for cost).

GPS - ... harslap-21
Bluetooth - ... B00H9S71LW

The question is whether I'm able to connect both of these at the same time using my Sony Z3 Compact? When trying to look into this on the Sony site, it says that you can pair the device with several Bluetooth devices at the same time but you can only connect to one Bluetooth profile at the same time and that most Bluetooth headsets need to be paired and connected. Do the devices above need the same or can they both connect at the same time? Any advice would be much appreciated as I don't want to buy both to find that I can only use one...

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Re: Bluetooth Questions

Post by Harry » Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:32 am

I don't know what they mean by "one profile at a time". This is probably a statement on a single connection, so one device connected can be used with one profile only. So as an example, you can never use both the hands free and the serial input profiles for one device at a time (not that I'm aware of any device providing such a combination)... Anyway, you should be able to connect to a BT GPS and a BT OBD at a time without issue. Both will share the same bandwidth and may influence update rates slightly, but except for bad BT implementation, it should be enough for the XT / LX combo. Both use the SPP profile by the way.

- Harry
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