Which external GPS for android phones?

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Re: Which external GPS for android phones?

Post by Harry »

The VBOX's accuracy and validity of speed measured(!) will be a lot better that the Dual provided you are using an external antenna. Drop outs can be more frequent as the limitation to GPS sats only means the VBOX can utilize roughly only half of the satellites available for the Dual device.

LapTimer does not support wired input - this type of connection is rarely used for smartphones. To connect a wired NMEA stream, one needs too bridge that to BT or BTLE using some adapter or Arduino/Raspberry PI.

For offline imports: you can import VBO files and add videos recorded manually to LapTimer. Afterwards, overlay functionality works as usual.

- Harry
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Re: Which external GPS for android phones?

Post by jmschristiansen »

Would like to revive this thread- I have been using LapTimer using only the GPS in my iPhone XS. I am willing to switch to android if I can get better performance
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