Problems adding Start Stop points.

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Problems adding Start Stop points.

Post by cagotzmann »

I cannot make a new track because the point I am adding is too close to another track ?

I have 2 tracks at my location, they are side by side I would like them to be separate tracks,

how do I complete this task ? When I add a new start/Stop the app complains there is already a start/stop near the location.

I made sure I selected the different track name so all is good, but the app disagrees and claims I cannot have 2 side by side.
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Re: Problems adding Start Stop points.

Post by Harry »

You can work around by setting the trigger elsewhere and complete the track setup. Next, goto Analysis ‣ Realtime ‣ Map and drag the trigger to the correct position. This will create the two nearby tracks, but will probably result in issues with LapTimer mixing up both definitions. This depends on trigger directions set and the actual track layout. You can create a screenshot of Map View showing all triggers in track 1 and 2 and post it here - I will check.

NB: as discussed several times here on the forum, LapTimer does not allow conflicting track definitions. The reason is LapTimer considers all track sets on the device when detecting triggers. This means it will automatically switch to the other track once it picks up a trigger of this track.

- Harry
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