Improving existing track sets

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Improving existing track sets

Post by Harry » Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:15 pm


Here is a copy of an email I received plus the answer:
This question has probably been answered, but I could not find it. I have lots of laps recorded on one of your existing track sets. I am assuming it might be useful to use these to improve the Google-created POI set. I tried to just do a "test" of the standard set, but it isn't clear to me how to do this properly. Is there a way for me to just send my recorded laps in to you as data for you or someone to adjust the POI's properly? I created a certified set a couple of years ago, and corresponded with you, but can't seem to remember how to do it again.


And by the way, your software is wonderful!!!!!
Due to Online Racing feature, I have tons of data here on my server, no need to send additional ones
The approach to improve and better align track sets is as follows:
  • for any track you have laps recorded, select the first row showing "POIs+Triggers" from the Lap List
  • this will display all POIs currently defined in a list
  • in the bottom of the screen, press "Test"
  • you will see a track plot and POIs showing their position now (zoom in in case you do not see the POIs)
  • in case the red marker is significantly off the track plot, it makes sense to readjust it
  • to readjust, return to the POI List, select the POI, and press Map
  • here, you can drag around the POI
  • once you have finished, recheck the "Test" function again
Finally, if you want to re-certify the track set, press the "Certify" button in the bottom of the POI List, this will send the revised track set to me.

NB: Please change triggers only in case it is absolutely necessary. Changing start / stop / split trigger voids all recorded laps in term of comparability - which is something I do not want to do too often...

The full tutorial on Track Set creation is available here:

- Harry
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