Alsense - ITM01 - Tire Temperature Monitoring

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Alsense - ITM01 - Tire Temperature Monitoring

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Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Alex, the founder and technical director of Alsense ( We've been developing a complete wireless platform that's able to sample and wirelessly transmit sensor data, with update rates competitive with their wired counterparts. The biggest advantage here being ease of install, not requiring absolutely any wiring.

Our first product is a tire temperature monitoring sensor which is able to capture 16 temperature channels at 50Hz for each sensor. The data can then be sent either via CAN bus to a race dash or logger or via BLE to Harry's Lap Timer. There's enough energy in the battery to ensure over 40 hours of active operation, with the sensors automatically going into standby when the car is not moving.

Why would I need tire temperature sensors?

Because it tells aling and in-detail story about how the car behaves and, more importantly, it allows correlation between all the driver's inputs and what the car does on track, as well as ways to solve the issues. One of the first things we can do with a system that has a high refresh rate is judge car behaviour at various points along each corner phase. That can be invaluable in diagnosing why oversteer/understeer happens and its causes. Is it a driver that's too aggressive with its inputs, is it antirollbar stiffness or maybe a compound that's a bit too soft for the conditions? Knowing that your tires are in their optimal temperature window for as much of the lap as possible is one of the greatest insights you can get when chasing those extra tenths.

What's the current stage?

We're at the final prototype stage, waiting to go into production. First sets will be delivered around the end of Q1 2020, beginning of Q2. All the major specs are confirmed and tested, it's just a case of packaging it all up, doing a final round of testing and shipping it to users.

The full specs are here: . The sensors have already shrunk compared to the versions on the website, will post more updates as the project continues. :)

Thanks and looking forward to your feedback, questions or even simple hellos and interest in the project.

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Re: Alsense - ITM01 - Tire Temperature Monitoring

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Any update on this project?
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