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Frequently Asked Questions

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Only a few hours on the stores and there are already some standard questions coming up. :-)
  1. To transfer vehicle information from LapTimer to Dyno, please follow these steps: select your car from Vehicle List in LapTimer and export it; send the mail to yourself (i.e. the email account you are sending it from); open the arriving mail on the smartphone and touch the .hvehl / .hvehz attachment; select Dyno to open it and you will have a copy created!
  2. To switch between speed ranges fast, select a range used formerly: in Performance View press Status (iOS) or the small wrench icon (Android); select the track icon and choose a range like "0-60 mph"; this will switch start and stop speed to the range selected.
  3. Distance based performance testing is not yet supported. To record quarter mile acceleration etc, please use LapTimer AX assistant - it will display the distance from start so you can set your distance as required. Distance (vs. speed) based performance testing will be added to Dyno latest in v21.
  4. Accuracy of measurements heavily depend on speed accuracy measured. Provided the smartphone is mounted in a position with good GPS accuracy, the internal GPS can be used for measurements. For short speed ranges, high powered vehicles, and highest precision, either external GPS or OBD sensors can be connected. OBD adapters are actually preferable as speed changes are available instantly. We have an always up to date list of compatible accessories available for iOS and Android.
Please post your feedback and requests here on the forum!

- Harry
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