Multiple speed ranges at once and first datapoint

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Multiple speed ranges at once and first datapoint

Post by mike_980 »

I just started using dyno and find it very good. I've previously used Dragy but once you have recorded data you cannot export which was a deal breaker for me. Dyno is really good but a few things would make it perfect for me.

Ability yo set multiple speed ranges, for example:
1/4 mile

Then whenever the speed or distance ranges is satisfied, the data is stored automatically. With the above set during a 0-80mph run you'd end up with times in all 3 speed ranges.
To make it totally perfect, it could also be possible to set a maximum time for the run otherwise the time is disregarded.

Secondly, I noticed that when the data is used in Racelogic software, often the first datapoint is slightly higher than what has been set. For example, If i measure 0-100kmh the first datapoint is often approx 1kmh probably because there is no data buffer. It's not a huge issue because you can set the speed gates slightly lower/higher than what you need but you'll always have the problem measuring data from stationary.
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Re: Multiple speed ranges at once and first datapoint

Post by Harry »

Actually the first and last data point are always interpolated values. And they should snap to the range defined. The full story for the "standing start" is that you can't measure the transition from zero to anything. GPS has a so called speed drift and will deliver noisy speed values. LapTimer / Dyno considers everything below 3km/h two be zero. To capture the time you started, LapTimer / Dyno records a few speed values above 3km/h and extrapolates the none-zero transition from this. Complex stuff.

But again, LapTimer / Dyno should snap the start / finish to the speed range values. In case int doesn't, please select such a single recording, export it to .hlptrl and send it to me (Harry at Thanks.

- Harry
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