Improvements for Harry´s Dyno

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Improvements for Harry´s Dyno

Post by -RonG- »

Hi Harry,
I bought your Dyno App for iOS yesterday and tested it a bit. Using it with my Dual SkyPro XGPS160 looks like a very nice and stable app yet!
One shortcoming I found is the setting for the start- and stop speed. It takes "hours" to change this from 0-100 to 100-200 for example.

Following suggestions for improvement:
1. The longer you press the up-/down arrow the faster the numbers change
2. ...or the longer you press the up-/down arrow the larger the increments become (tip = 1km/h, hold = 5km/h)
3. ...or from iPhone 6s on: the stronger you press the arrow the faster the numbers change/larger the increments become
4. direct entry of the start-/stop speed when tipping the number between the up-/down arrows

Would also/alternatively be nice to set up own different presets, e.g. 0-50km/h, 0-100km/h, 100-200km/h, 100-250km/h etc...

With the speed output, why is the app speaking the "0" when then time is below 1 minute? Would make sense to leave this out, not?

There seems to be a problem with the battery information of the SkyPro XGPS160 cause it shows a warning where the original Dual SkyPro App still shows 100%.

Regards from the Ruhrgebiet!
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Re: Improvements for Harry´s Dyno

Post by Harry »

There is a work around for the presets. Once you have recorded a time for e.g. 0-100, Dyno will have created a 0-100 track (visible in Results). In Performance View, press Status in the top right and select this 0-100 entry - it will set the start and stop speed accordingly.

- Harry
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