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Dyno based on rpm data

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 2:35 pm
by Querlenker
Hi Harry,

I drive a classic sportscar with a modified engine and am looking for a solution to evaluate changes made to the engine.

For this, I would like a solution that generates hp and torque vs. rpm graphs.
I believe that GPS-based acceleration is not accurate enough for this, plus I wouldn't have the rpm information.
Using a complete vehicle model combined with all required parameters and an accurate rpm vs. time signal should give very accurate results.

From what I read in one of the other posts, I think you have this vehicle model implemented in your software.
What I haven't understood yet: do you use the method described above when a OBD dongle is connected?

Second question: is there way to get rpm info into your app on an old car without OBD?

I actually own an old device that does exactly this, called a Road Dyno (, but would much prefer a modern solution.

Thanks for your time, I love my Laptimer App and would love even more to be able to use Dyno with rpm vs. time without OBD.