DUAL xgps 160 + OBD + Gopro (iPhone)

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DUAL xgps 160 + OBD + Gopro (iPhone)

Post by Vin501 »

I would like to use external GPS antenna + OBD with iPhone...
Is it possible?
I know that iphone uses the wifi to connect the OBD (such as PLX kiwi3)
can I have both external GPS with the xgps 160 + wifi obd (kiwi3) and gopro camera with iPhone X?
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Re: DUAL xgps 160 + OBD + Gopro (iPhone)

Post by Harry »

One WiFi connection, multiple BT connections. That's what is possible.
I recommend to not use WiFi for sensors.
Keep it for action cams or do not use it at all. BT is by far easier to handle.
There are several OBD BT options for iOS now: http://www.gps-laptimer.de/compatibility/ios

- Harry
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