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Garmin GLO

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:10 pm
by Sportbiker
I'm in the midst of checking this app out so that I can feel comfortable investing in LapTimer for my sportbike track days.

I asked for and got a Garmin GLO for Christmas to improve the sensitivity of whatever device on which I use a laptimer based on your external GPS recommendations page (thanks!). The GLO connects fine to my iPhone 4 (as well as my 'driod). When I installed this app, the GLO is not appearing in Administration -> Sensor List. Is this a limitation of this particular free app? Can I be assured it will be picked up by Laptimer Rookie or Petrolhead?

For now I'm trying to avoid investing in a higher powered device but recognize when I want to incorporate my GoPro's wirelessly it may be necessary.

Re: Garmin GLO

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:55 pm
by Harry
Please check
As introduced above, Mfi devices not mentioned in the list are not directly integrated into LapTimer and are not recommended. We add direct integration for all devices we get support by the manufacturer. Please contact the manufacturer in case you want to use their devices for any reason. The following Mfi devices are not recommended due to missing support: Bad Elf (all devices), Garmin Glo, GNS (all devices).
The named manufacturers do not provide a 3rd party integration option and feed their data into iOS's location stack. This means LapTimer cannot identify the GPS source and displays "iPhone GNSS" as the GPS source. You will see an update rate >1Hz for such devices - which is the best indicator to verify the data is actually better than the standard GPS. But you will not get the extra accuracy possible and additional data like the satellites almanac.

- Harry

Re: Garmin GLO

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 11:22 pm
by Sportbiker
Thanks for reminding me, I had already read that long ago :(

I realize now when it didn't "plug-and-play" with my LG D500 I just figured I would borrow an iOS device in the house, not remembering the limitation on that platform with this external. Did a bunch of reading and finally found a way to get the GLO working with my LG via Bluetooth GPS app ( ... cale=en_US); kloogie. Now have to find a free 'droid app that will give me the same insights I was after to start with.