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[FAQ] Help, LapTimer doesn't start up!

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2022 7:29 am
by Harry
The most frequent issue causing a crash on startup is some corruption of LapTimer's database.
This corruption can occur when a device overheats, runs out of battery, crashes for some other reason.
As a result, LapTimer fails to open or access data or other configuration and runs into an unexpected condition.

The first rule in case this happens: do not try the uninstall / reinstall approach. LapTimer stores data locally, deleting the app will purge that data (and videos) too.

Instead, a so called emergency startup needs to be triggered.
  • On iOS, goto Settings app and find LapTimer. Navigate to Expert Settings and set "Emergency Startup" to ON. Both items are (almost) in the bottom of the respective screen.
  • On Android, settings cannot be accessed while the app is not running. Instead, open this URL on your smartphone: Whether opening this link fires up LapTimer or Chrome or show a selection, depends on your device configuration. In case Chrome is coming up immediately (with a 404 message), you need to enable the link for LapTimer first.
    • For Android 12 and later, goto Settings app ‣ Apps ‣ Default Apps ‣ Opening Links ‣ LapTimer. Tick "Open supported links" and add "" to the list in the bottom. Touching the above link in Chrome may still bring you to the page with 404. In case this happens, I recommend to copy the link above, paste it into a mail open open the link from this mail once it arrives. I'm sure there are better options, but this is the one I found working.
    • For other Android versions, navigation may differ.
    Once your link has been opened by LapTimer, you will either see the startup screen, or a black screen immediatly. This means LapTimer has restored a factory database. To access it (and recover your old data), close the app (swipe the app upwards) and start it again.
To recover your data, follow instructions in [HOWTO] Restoring Automatic Backups

- Harry