[HOWTO] How to send trace files

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[HOWTO] How to send trace files

Post by Harry »

This is a general FAQ I will link to in case I need a trace file from a user.

Opposed to crash logs - which always document a hard crash including program termination - tracing allows to document processes going on in the software. A typical tracing process is made up from enabling tracing, selecting what aspects should be traced, performing some traced operations, and sending the result to Harry@gps-laptimer.de

Harry's apps are heavily instrumented with tracing commands - each belonging to a certain trace class. Trace classes are very important as they allow you to enable and disable certain aspects of tracing. If for example we are looking for a problem in the overlaying area, it is possible to enable overlay trace commands only and disable all the other stuff that is not interesting for us. Due to the amount of data generated very fast, we will always go for a very small set of trace classes at a time.

The dedicated apps to generate trace logs are Harry's GPS/OBD Buddy for iOS and Android. For recent versions, other apps have tracing disabled for production versions to improve app size and performance. So please install Harry's GPS / OBD Buddy to perform tracing - even in case you are using LapTimer or another app.

This is the step by step description how to go through the complete tracing process:
  1. Start the tracing enabled app (Harry's GPS / OBD Buddy) and find the trace settings: App ‣ Settings ‣ Expert Settings ‣ Tracing (Developer only).
  2. In the Tracing section - starting with All - you find so called trace classes. Please make sure you turn on exactly the classes I will ask you for while keeping all other classes turned off]/b].
  3. To start tracing, return to the Tracing section header and select Trace File from the Type row. Now, perform the tasks I will ask you for. Please note the app is writing the trace file already - and it is lots of stuff per minute.
  4. Once the to-be traced operation is finished, select the row Send Trace File (if available) in Expert Settings - and the app will bring up a mail including the (compressed) trace file. In case you are not prompted with this prepared email, you need to setup mail operation on your device first...
  5. You are NOT done! Please do not send this file without adding some information I need to debug and understand the context of the mail: add your forum name and topic so I can identify the thread the trace file belongs to.

- Harry
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