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[FAQ] Known Issues

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 4:31 pm
by Harry
This is a list of known problems - partially including workarounds. The list is updated regularly, closed items are removed. Please note this should be a comprehensive and complete list. All other issues should be due to some hardware issues (includes compatibility problems), problems with the iPhone's or Android phone's setup (includes disturbing background apps), or wrong use. For the later, please just raise the issue / ask in the "Using LapTimer" section of this forum.

Critical issues
  1. [Android 10] Due to changed permission models in Android 10, exporting data or backing up doesn't work. This item will be fixed in LapTimer v24. Workaround is to join the v24 beta here.
  2. [all] Check Data may fail in case recordings in Lap List "overlap". This problem can occur when importing laps recorded by others - and during the time you recorded data too. Challenges can generate this issue too. Check Data will probably purge recordings in this situations. Watch out in case it is taking a long time to complete. The issue is analyzed but requires quite some work to fix. Workaround: whenever a Check Data is performed, LapTimer will create a System Backup front up. So you can return to your old database (in Administration ‣ Databases), remove the overlapping laps, and run Check Data again.
  3. [OBD] We have a handful of car / OBD II adapter combinations LapTimer fails when optimizing requests. The pattern is not completely analyzed, but we are working on it. Workaround: see Debugging OBD Connections for the three settings influencing LapTimer's request strategy. Try to change them as discussed in the article.
  4. [HERO 7 BE/SE] The 7 seems to use a pixel format not fully supported by iOS. While displaying videos including real time overlays is working fine, decoding, overlaying, and encoding video frames shows no effect when exporting an overlaid video. I have not found a way to fix this within the app and hope it will be addressed by new iOS versions. Workaround: I received reports that HERO7 cams use a compatible pixel format after resetting them. But changing resolution or frame rate will switch to the incompatible format. To convert an existing incompatible format, please see this discussion.
  5. [iOS8.3 and later, MultiCam app] Since iOS8.3 (probably a minor version earlier), we face issues with establishing and maintaining a stable connection between LapTimer and the iOS MultiCam app. There are several problem reports with the iOS connectivity framework which should actually work with Bluetooth and/or WiFi device 2 device connections. Workaround: several reports suggest connections work better when both devices have WiFi and Bluetooth enabled and are connected to the same WiFi network. To realize the later, one can use the tethering mode of the device connected to the Internet. I plan to replace iOS's framework completely for a future major version. This is both to get back control and to allow mixed Android / iOS scenarios.
  6. [Selected Android smartphones] Hardware overlaying receives buggy frame layout information from Android and mixes up coloring or crashes. Workaround: switch to Software based overlaying in Expert Settings.
Other issues
  1. [HERO Session 4] Some reports on connection problems with HERO 4 Session cams. Problem has not been reproduced so far, I am working on this.
  2. [Samsung S8] Users of this device experience missing sync of video and audio for footage recorded using the internal cam. The problem seems to be due to some issues with Samsung's adoption of Android. Recording is done using a standard Android call, LapTimer doesn't influence the sync of video and audio directly. Samsung has a long history of special video settings and tweaks making things hard to manage for 3rd parties. I'll monitor the issue and try to add a workaround.
  3. [iOS] For some users, LapTimer is getting slow and stops working when triggering access to the Media Library. The library is accessed for the following views: Vehicle Details (to allow addition of car pictures), Video List, Video Details, Overlay Configuration. LapTimer v19.0.16 and later has a fix included working for almost all users. There is currently one known case for a media library with more than 1000 videos, so we still keep this item for rare cases. Workaround: turn off access to Photo library for LapTimer in iOS ‣ Settings ‣ Privacy ‣ Photos. In parallel, we will work with some users facing this issues to find a better solution.
Issues solved lately
  1. [Android, LapTimer v23.0.12] For v23.0.11 we have updated the media library used for software encoding. This update went wrong with the result that any video export using software encoding is bringing up an error "Code 16". The problem has been fixed version v23.0.13.
  2. [Android 9, LapTimer v23.0.12] Video overlays are missing both when running Export and when using the real time overlay (Play). It looks like the problem occurs for Android 9 only, please let us know if you have this problem with other Android versions. The problem has been fixed version v23.0.13.
  3. [Android 10] LapTimer doesn't startup on Android 10 which shows an "LapTimer keeps stopping" message. This is a problem has been fixed in version 23.0.11 and 23.0.12.
  4. [iOS13] There are a number of issues now that iOS13 / 13.1 is out. This problems have been fixed in version 23.0.8.
  5. [iOS, v23.0.7] Some overlay gadgets are not displayed correctly when using Video Export. This problem has been fixed in version 23.0.8.
  6. [iOS, 3xRetina] Using the Video Preview while driving leads to dropped fixes / incomplete recordings. Real time overlays are laggy with the video running smooth but data updating infrequently. This problem has been fixed in version 23.0.7.
  7. [LapTimer v22.1] LapTimer misses triggers (start / finish) etc intermittently. This can occur a start / finish is going almost precisely from West to East or North to South (or the opposite) and a high update rate GPS is used. This problem has been fixed in version 22.1.1.
  8. [iOS9, LapTimer v22.0.3] Time View may crash as long as the "Show Large Hundreds" option in LapTimer's Settings is set. This problem has been fixed in version 22.0.4.
  9. [iOS, LapTimer v22.0.2] LapTimer crashes when bringing up Timer and other views. This problem has been fixed in version 22.0.3.
  10. [iOS9] The new LapTimer version 22 crashes on devices running iOS versions before 10. This problem has been fixed in version 22.0.2.
  11. [iOS11] As usual, new iOS versions introduce some issues that need to be worked around. For iOS11, we have received some reports in crashes and error messages when using LapTimer's real time overlay (Play) as well for Data Recordings. Most problems have been reproduced and were fixed in v21.1.0.
  12. [late iOS, XGPS160] There are reports the XGPS160 has connection problems or disconnects after some time for late iOS versions. Although not a LapTimer issue, this item is listed here. Workaround: Dual provided me with beta versions of firmware 2.4.5 and 3.4.5 (select the version matching your XGPS model) which probably address the named issues. Please use on your own risk, this is a beta version only. A PC is required to install this firmware version.
  13. [iOS10 and later, VBOX Sport] VBOX configuration seems to be broken for late iOS 10 versions. Looks like another issue with iOS's EAAccessory integration of Mfi devices, Racelogic's in particular. Fixed in v21.0.10.
  14. [Andoid, VBO Export] LapTimer crashes when exporting to VBO for several users. Pattern this problem occurs is not yet clarified. Fixed in v21.0.10.
  15. [iOS, LapTimer Petrolhead v21.0.5] Export / Overlay is a no-op. Real time overlays are working. This issue has been fixed for v21.0.6.
  16. [iOS, versions older than 10.0] App crashes during startup. Workaround: update to version 10.3.1. This issue has been fixed for v21.0.5.
  17. [Android 6] In case LapTimer is installed to a Android 6 or later device, permissions need to be confirmed individually. For former Android versions, all permissions were granted during installation. While most permissions are requested when needed, a request for storage permission is missing when exporting data. This issue has been fixed for v21.
  18. [LG G3, Android 6] This models delivers corrupted NMEA sentences. LapTimer will show no position information and will not work. Starting with LapTimer v20.2.3, all LG G3 are blacklisted for NMEA access and will fall back to Android's location service instead. This hides some GPS details, but works otherwise.
  19. [iOS10, external WiFi sensors] Detection of local WiFi sensors (like OBDLink MX WiFi) is broken in iOS10. The system reports any connection as a WAN (instead of WiFi) connection - which makes LapTimer skip local discovery. This issue is fixed in LapTimer v20.1.1, please update from AppStore.
  20. [iOS10, all iPad models] The Load Track assistant does not bring up the list of tracks as expected. This issue is fixed in LapTimer v20.1.1, please update from AppStore.
  21. [iOS, LapTimer v20.0.0] In case LapTimer triggers a database check during startup (e.g. after crashing), this check may crash the app again. This issue is fixed in version 20.0.1, please update from AppStore.
  22. [iOS, iPhones 4 to 5S, LapTimer v20.0.0] I received several bug reports LapTimer is crashing when a lap is started (triggered and manually). This occurs for selected processor architecture only and is due to a long existing bug in the C compiler used. This issue is fixed in version 20.0.3, please update from AppStore.
  23. [Android 5.1 or later, LapTimer v20.0.1, v20.0.2] Several reports on crashes at 99% or 100% of hardware overlay. This issue is fixed in version 20.0.3, please update from PlayStore.
  24. [iOS, LapTimer v20.0.0] Relinking GoPro videos for a lap crashes LapTimer. This issue is fixed in version 20.0.3, please update from AppStore.
  25. [Android and iOS, MultiCam] When sending the app to background with internal and/or external cams enabled, LapTimer will not handle the state correctly when being pulled forward again. This results in connection issues with external cams. Workaround: Disable Video Operation before backgrounding the app. This issue is fixed in version 20.0.8, please update from PlayStore / AppStore.
  26. [Android and iOS] When recording a video in background, video orientation for the internal cam is not initialized correctly. This issue is fixed in version 20.0.11, please update from PlayStore / AppStore. To rotate existing videos upside down, please read viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3723#p19007 for a fix action.
  27. [LapTimer v20] There are reports lap recordings are stopped in random positions of the lap and marked as "incomplete". It seems this issue is related to LapTimer v20's mechanism to stop ongoing recordings when back in the pits. This issue has been related to an OBD initialization problem. It is fixed in version 20.0.17, please update from PlayStore / AppStore.

- Harry

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