Great App, but crashes when updating Add-on list in iOS7...

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Great App, but crashes when updating Add-on list in iOS7...

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I have to congratulate you on a great app. I use it a lot when out sailing. One thing though. I've upgraded to iOS7. Bad news. I bought the add-on for satellites when using external GPS (XGPS-150A, love it). I had the iPhone 4 running it for a while, but had to reinstall the OS from scratch, meaning I had to reinstall all the apps. Before I eventually upgraded to iOS 7 it all worked fine. Then I deleted the app for some reason, maybe it was my infant using it to teethe on, and upon reinstalling in iOS7, every time I try to update the add-on list to reinstall the purchase, it just crashes...

I'm a beginner iOS developer and I get the emails from Apple Dev centre. All new apps and app updates have to be iOS7 ready. I am wondering... will we see a Sailor update? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

gratefully yours,
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Re: Great App, but crashes when updating Add-on list in iOS7

Post by Harry »


That's a pity, could reproduce the issue. I will check how to proceed. I planned to update both Sailor and Optrix VideoPro once LapTimer v18 but will probably need to handle it different. New submissions need to be iOS7 optimized, so a simple bugfix (without updating screen size iOS support etc) will not do it...

- Harry
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