Another questoin about external mic

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Another questoin about external mic

Post by stef1808 »

Hello, im using HLT on my iphone which is mounted in my car - I like to see the timing data on it. Im using a gopro 3+ as an external cam to get the footage with the telemetry. I now want to add an external mic but ive been told with bluetooth and wifi on it will interfere with the audio signal.

I suppose 1 option would be to record the sound separately and combine them after each video, but thats not great for me a I cant understand how you would be able to link them up together perfectly (so the sound fits the video exactly)

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Another questoin about external mic

Post by Harry »

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When using the internal cam, you can add mic as described in one of the threads on this subforum. As LapTimer uses the audio track stored in the master video, I do not see an easy solution for your HERO3. You really need to mix it into the video before or after doing the overlay. I have an individual audio track selection on my list for a future release - but that's a long shot...

- Harry
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