Sync Go-Pro Hero3+ and Video

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Sync Go-Pro Hero3+ and Video

Post by Magus2727 »

I am a newbie when it comes to using Harrys Lap Timer. I have read the 23 page PDF document that talks and assists in setting the video up. I can get Harrys Lap Timer to control the Go-Pro.

However I get a message still showing that the source is Offline (External Cam Recordings)


I understand that I can not download the video directly from HLT, but the Go-Pro App does, so after downloading it and then copying the file in the same directory as what HLT uses I am able to see it. I am able to go in and add this file to the track (has the red !) but Picture in Picture #1 still shows as Offline, and the video brought in as picture in picture 2.

I am able to overlay the video, although it does look like the length of recording from the Go-Pro is a different length than from the phone and they dont sync up well (approx 1/2 second to 1 second off?)

What am I doing wrong?

I have Adobe Premier Pro, so if I cant work this out then I will manage my picture in picture through an external software. This was one of the pros for going for the Grand Prix version of the software.

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Re: Sync Go-Pro Hero3+ and Video

Post by Harry »

As long as OFFLINE is shown, there is a problem with the link between the lap (LapTimer) and the physical video position. Please touch the OFFLINE preview and select Relink (the cam / shadow cam icon in the top right) to repair the link. In case this doesn't work, please make sure you have no special characters or spaces in your video name. This is a limitation in LapTimer v19 - it cannot handle filenames including this special characters.

In case the a video is out of sync, select the video starting in Lap Details (your snapshot) and scroll down to the list of laps shown with sync points. Touch a row and adjust the end of the lap using the stepper buttons. Return and try overlaying again. This process will get a lot easier in LapTimer v20 available sometimes in Spring.

- Harry
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