Need Moderator approval for my first post

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Fewer than 10 Posts
Fewer than 10 Posts
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Need Moderator approval for my first post

Post by robertfsadler »

I submitted a topic yesterday but it said I needed 'moderator approval' before it would post. It was my first post to this forum. I also read a post from you about "moderator needed" for getting these to your attention faster. I don't see how to do that. You refer to a 'button' for instance to thank people so I thought there might be a button like the "youtube" button for this moderator feature. anyway, I have a question and need help
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Re: Need Moderator approval for my first post

Post by Harry »

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First time posts need an approval. Please do not expect this approval to be worked on within a few hours every day. This is mostly one person running the whole LapTimer business. ;-) For urgent support requests, send a mail to

- Harry
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