Obd setup question

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Obd setup question

Postby IBAUCLAPlaya » Sun May 13, 2018 8:25 pm

Hi there
I have HLT petrolhead on iPhone 6 with latest iOS and HLT software. Trying to connect my 2009 Corvette to WSiiroon obd2 sensor via WiFi. HLT recognizes it as Kiwi WiFi.

Having two issues:
1. I can not select engine under real-time analysis it says I need to upgrade to Grand Prix, however when I try the same on my iPhone X with same petrolhead software I can select engine under real time analysis and display info.
2. Throttle position is not showing properly. Scale seems off even after going WOT for brief period. The only adjust I made was changed to 3 pid / adaptive under can multi requests. Do I need to change throttle PID?

Please help I have track day tomorrow and want to make sure this works!

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Re: Obd setup question

Postby Harry » Mon May 14, 2018 8:26 am

Engine is a GrandPrix feature. Is it possible you upgraded your Petrolhead on the X or purchased the Engine feature some years ago?

Throttle needs calibration (100% mark is always the highest value received) and show reasonable data once you were on full throttle for some time. In case your car does not deliver reasonable data on PID TPS, try one of the others. D is working mostly.


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