Connecting to unlisted OBDII bluetooth devices?

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Connecting to unlisted OBDII bluetooth devices?

Postby Greyout » Sun Feb 21, 2016 5:39 pm


I am getting ready for Circuit of the Americas in my Honda S2000 next weekend. My first use of Harry's laptimer at Texas World Speedway was a great experience, using just my phone with no extra hardware. I have decided to add some extra accuracy and functionality, and am looking forward to the results.

First, I have purchased an XGPS150A, that will arrive in a couple of days.

I also have a BlueDriver OBDII bluetooth device. I didn't purchase this for Harry's laptimer, but I am hoping I can make it work. The device seems rather high quality, and it was pretty expensive compared to some cheap generic ones out there.

The website says that the app is capable of connecting to just about all bluetooth OBDII transmitters, albeit with the recommendation of using one of the listed ones for accuracy and safety.

I am confident in the quality of my device, but I am unable to figure out how to connect to a device other than the ones listed in the app.

Also, I guess I am hoping that my phone will be able to connect to both devices at the same time, but time will tell.

So, my question is - can I get my BlueDriver OBDII device to connect to the app, even though it's not listed?


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Connecting to unlisted OBDII bluetooth devices?

Postby Harry » Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:29 pm

Supported Hardware/Software

The BlueDriver Sensor and free BlueDriver App are designed to work exclusively as a single tool

To me, this sounds like a proprietary hardware / software solution. I doubt it can be connected as a generic ELM327 adapter. They have no technical information on the app / adapter interface available.


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