Update rate problem with OBDLink MX WiFi

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Fewer than 10 Posts
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Update rate problem with OBDLink MX WiFi

Post by robertjorr » Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:37 pm

Hi Harry et al.:

I recently received an OBDLink MX WiFi (I was a Kickstarter backer), but I'm having problems with the OBD-II update rate while using HLT. I'm getting OBD updates about once every 4-5 seconds or so. HLT also shows a green and red dot together periodically on updates. It appears that my wifi connection is stable (i.e., it isn't disconnecting) and that the dongle is functional, because I am able to get multiple OBD updates per second using the free OBDLink app.

Here's the relevant info on my setup:

Car: 2004 Acura TL (6MT)
Dongle: OBDLink MX WiFi Rev. 2.3/R2
Phone: iPhone 5 w/ iOS 7.1.2
Lap Timer: v18.2 GP Edition

Harry, I will e-mail you a logfile using GPS/OBD Buddy.

Many thanks!

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