DIY Task: 30Hz @ under 100€  

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DIY Task: 30Hz @ under 100€  

Post by ArchibaldTuttle »

Hello !

storing the car for winter, put some improvement for measurement / timing on todos list till next season.

 Think it would be great to access the fast progressing GPS tech from UBlox.

M8N 3 concurrent up to 10Hz
M8U 3 concurrent up to 30Hz UDR Solution

M9N 4 concurrent up to 25Hz

Future to come might be ? :
M9U ???

 Regularly available integrated with power and usb …. From e.g. Drotek:

 Had a M8N Drotek Module on hand and tried the following szenarios:

 Szenario 1:
Connecting via usb cable OTG to Samsung Tablet

Result 1:
got access for test/configuration with this app: ... nter&hl=en

Szenario 2:
connected a HC05 clone from ebay to RX ,TX, VCC,GND of the Drotek Module (swap RX and TX and ignored 3,3V 5V mismatch as always ;-))
powered the Drotek Module (and so HC05) via micro USB
searched and installed Bluetooth Device HC-05 on Samsung Tablet

Result 1:
got access for test/configuration with this app: ... nter&hl=en
(configuration would be also possible in ublox pc tool....)

Result 2:
“set it to 10Hz” with this App: ... tter&hl=en

 Result 3:
got access with different GPS Test Apps by choosing external GPS Bluetooth Device HC-05.
For HarrysLT:

 Think its worthwhile because it gives a good solution at low cost and has potential to improve in future with low effort for adoption.

ordered a M9N Module and will post an Update when its arrived and running.


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Re: DIY Task: 30Hz @ under 100€  

Post by rbono459890 »

Hi Archibald

with a little bit more effort you could add an esp32 or similar device to control and change the GPS configuration directly.

For example in [] I use an ESP32 to provide a page to configure the GPS settings and BLE/BTSPP/TCP-IP connectivity.
TCP-IP connectivity is very helpful to interface ublox's center while running the GPS with your instance of HLT to see real time changes.

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