Suddenly issue with Dual XGPS150

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Suddenly issue with Dual XGPS150

Post by Girvamonkey »

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if Harry could help explain what's happening...

So I have been using Harry's LapTimer with my Dual XGPS150 since 2012. Every once in a while there are connection issues where it doesn't connect or only connects at 1Hz, but usually when I just turn it off or restart Harry's LapTimer etc. it reconnects at 5Hz, etc.

However just recently I've started noticing a strange result when looking at my laps. It says it was connected at 5Hz, and even on the lap summary screen it shows 5Hz. But when you actually look at the fixes that were recorded, it appears to be only recording 4 fixes, then leaving a blank gap, then 4 more etc. I understand that overall this probably doesn't make much of a difference to the lap time, or lap data...

But I am curious as to why it's starting to do this. I thought perhaps it was because I also had the ODBII hooked up, but it does it even when that is not connected. Thoughts?
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Re: Suddenly issue with Dual XGPS150

Post by Harry »

Older versions of LapTimer compressed fixes and removed them in case it could be recreated by interpolation from its nearest neighbors. So this pattern has been pretty common on straights but has been removed after smartphone memory raised a lot for newer models. But this type of compression is gone. What remains is that the XGPS drops individual fixes due to processing overload or BT bandwidth issues.

Just a guess.

- Harry
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