Qstarz 818XT refresh Rate only 4 Hz

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Re: Qstarz 818XT refresh Rate only 4 Hz

Post by Harry » Sun Mar 10, 2013 1:27 am

Turn compression off, that will do the trick for the next recording.

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Re: Qstarz 818XT refresh Rate only 4 Hz

Post by ripper79 » Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:38 pm

WilsonSteele wrote:I use the BT-Q818XT with roqyBT4 with great success at 10Hz.
On my GPS unit, the on/off switch is actually a 3 way switch, the position are "on / 1hz / 10hz"
However, if you download the QStarz software, and connect the GPS mouse to your windows ocmputer by USB, you can configure these two positions to whatever refresh rate you want.

Back when I used HLT with a palm device, I had to set the maz rate to 4 Hz, the older BT connection didn't have nay higher data rate. So I had one position set at 2 Hz, and one position set at 4 Hz.


Now, on the iPhone version, I just use the 10Hz data.

HOWEVER, while the GPS Rate on hte GPS scrren says data at 10Hz while lapping, when I look at a recorded file of a lap in LapList, the GPS Sensor says Internal @ 8Hz, with something like 1047 fixes (GPS, ACCEL) in a 2 min lap.

I am not sure why that is, perhaps a bug for Harry to look at.
Hi all,

I'm using iphone 4 6.1.1 JB with latest version of RoqyBT4 and after using QstarzGpsView v1.2.24 I'm able to connect to my Qstarz BT-Q1000ex 10hz @ 10hz.
And one thing I have problems in the beginning because in RoqyBT4 i don't check the "Correction MTK" option. Once done, i connected succefully my device but @3hz
I use those parameters
and now i'm connected @10hz
A test on my galaxy note 1 return the same result
if this can help someone.

have fun
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