GoPro Hero 9 - cannot connect

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GoPro Hero 9 - cannot connect

Post by Alex001 »

I have been trying to connect the Hero9 to the LapTimer grand pix edition without success. I have followed the steps in de documentation and the YouTube video , but although the WiFi connects to the go pro and the GoPro app is not open , when switching in timer to the multicam mode, it says no external cam connected. Any clues ?
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Re: GoPro Hero 9 - cannot connect

Post by Harry »

Connection making to GoPros is getting more complex all the time. The 9 does not allow to simply turn on WiFi and connect like former models, but requires making the connection using the GoPro app. So start it and connect and switch to LapTimer afterwards. Well possible, the warning to not run the GoPro app in parallel, is not valid any more... NB: I have no access to a HERO 9, so all of this is from what I hear from users. It isn't verified information.

In case everything else breaks, please operate the 9 manually (start / stop in the pits) and add that footage to LapTimer later:

- Harry
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