Tire Temperature data format

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Tire Temperature data format

Post by micurebmann »

Hi, i use laptimer now a while.

i have a m5-stick-c(some arduino like device with bluetooth) whit a Melexis Infrared array sensor.
now i would like to know which format i should output the tire temperature data over bluetooth
to use it with your app. i think the data are just pushed to android/harrys gps in a certain frequence.

is it just a float array?

i saw the project from magnus thome on github, but i cant login register to his website to ask him because i dont know the language he uses on the site.....

KR Michael Rebmann
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Re: Tire Temperature data format

Post by Harry »

Hello Michael,

There is no standard protocol for tire sensors (like e.g. NMEA for GPS). This means you need to define your own mapping and feed data into LapTimer using our Developer Program. You can find an introduction to the program in http://downloads.gps-laptimer.de/LapTim ... rogram.pdf. Please search for "HarrysLua". As written above, you will need a custom protocol.

In case you feel you want to follow this path, please apply for the program as described in viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4572

- Harry
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