Define Track Sets

A number of ways you can support LapTimer development
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Define Track Sets

Post by Harry »

Dozens of users have supported creation of LapTimer's track database to date. Thanks to all of these fellow supporters!
There is a tutorial on track set creation available here:

Track set creation is made up from several steps:
  1. Create a track set on your device - either from scratch, or starting from an existing set
  2. Send it to me for certification (
  3. I will complete and quality assure the track set
  4. I will add a shape based on internet resources, in case free snapshots exist, I'll add them
  5. Upload the new track set to a server and notify the author on its availability
The effort I need to spend for each track set heavily depends on what is achieved in step #1. I've added some quality checks (a view with filled and unfilled stars shown during certification) to give you hints on missing elements. Incomplete track set definitions often require me to start from the beginning as I need to search the net, check for track configurations etc. So please check everything thoroughly. Thanks!

The most common element missing is label positioning. Label positioning has no impact on functionality but can help to avoid overlaps between POI labels and the track's plot. Some older track sets miss this label positioning, for new track sets I want this to be complete. Additional work it typically going into the track definition (description, track length, etc). Please provide everything you know and try to stay with the 'standard' description patterns typically used in track descriptions.

This is not to keep you from creating and sending your track sets :-) - everything I receive is better than nothing. This is just to give you transparency on the overall process and areas you can help.

- Harry
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