LapTimer v17.0.6 available

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LapTimer v17.0.6 available

Post by Harry » Thu May 30, 2013 7:21 pm

LapTimer v17.0.6 is available in AppStore now. The full list of fixes and improvements is:
  1. Fixed a database node caching bug generating intermittent crashes
  2. Optimized node cache access
  3. Fixed a rare crash dragging the film strip in video synchronization
  4. Limited fix extrapolation to 8 seconds
  5. Automatically exclude OBD PID requests not answered by the car (specifically BMW M3s)
There is one known bug from v17.0.5 not yet fixed: LapTimer Petrolhead (both upgrade to GP and not upgraded) cannot access iCloud. In case this is critical for you and you can't wait for a bug fix, please contact me by e-mail.

In case you run LapTimer Petrolhead and have not yet upgraded to v17.0.5, please consider to wait with an update. For all other users, v17.0.6 is a recommended update.

- Harry
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