Push Smartgauge

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Push Smartgauge

Post by Craig86 »

Push no longer seems to be supporting their product. Data from the smartgauge needs to be uploaded to a server before you can access it on Harry's Lap Timer, and Push is no longer running the server. I have tried contacting Push numerous times with no response.

Basically the Smartgauge is a $400 paperweight now.

All of the track data is in the gauges' memory as a .CDF file, but there's no way to make it useful.

Has anyone had any contact with Push or know what's going on?
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Re: Push Smartgauge

Post by sakkakth »

I contacted them back in August about a problem which they were able to resolve from their website upload but just last night I had issues again and no response :( Very disappointing. If they are gonna stop support they should provide a tool at least for local conversion so I can at least get it into HLT.
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Re: Push Smartgauge

Post by kannaiah »

I guess someone posted work to convert CDF files to gpx on upwork.
I did not get the work but I have already got the script working which can be found at

https://github.com/kannaiah/cdf2gpx/blo ... cdf2gpx.py

Instructions assuming you have python installed

pip install gpxpy
pip install tzlocal

python cdf2gpx.py aa.cdf

above command generates aa.gpx format.
Let me know if you need any help.

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