The history of lap timers.

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The history of lap timers.

Post by sensortimecom » Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:34 pm


I am Erich Bieramperl(Austria-EU), inventor, patentee, entrepeneur, author.

I`m sure, you have already wondered, who probably invented, patented and developed the first automatically operating lap timer. This guy was me, in 1978. The first device was mounted on an alpine ski. It had been used by the ski world champions Stenmark and Girardelli etc.

The patent is: US 4,245.334 (device for measuring and indicating the time between reception of first and second airborne signals), and covers all sorts of applied vehicles, transmitters, signals and sensors (including GPS-signals, of course).

Here you see the US-patent description:

I am victim of one of the greatest patent theft in history, and I wrote an autobiographical novel about.
More you can read on my HP:

I wish you all the best. Have good luck.

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