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start stop

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I ran Sebring twice, first the long course. timing starts and stops all over the place. and it even recorded laps on short track even though I was on full course.
When I ran short course video started in pits and stoped in 3/4 lap prior to ten.
If you look at the picture of the track the white line does not continue all the way around much like the attachment off your web page below.
It stopped right where line stopped.

How can I fix this so it starts and stops where it should and continues recordering second lap as well
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Re: start stop

Post by Harry »


Most probably you have set some additional triggers accidentally. Please check two areas:

Assuming you are running the latest version of LapTimer (13.2), please goto the Lap List and scroll to the upper end (if necessary). Select the first (and probably only) row in section 'Unspecified'. Remove all triggers you have here.

Please make sure you have not loaded both Sebring International and Sebring Club Course configurations at the same time. LapTimer gets confused by overlapping track sets and warns you with a red exclamation mark near the conflicting section headers. Again, remove the POIs of the configuration you do not use currently. You can download the track set at any time from Add-ons.

- Harry
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