LapTimer crashes when attempting to access Add-Ons

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LapTimer crashes when attempting to access Add-Ons

Post by rdn2fst »

Thanks for a great product, I really enjoy this and look forward to using it on track.

There's a POI list in the database for Harris Hill Road and I'm trying to download it. However this has nothing todo with that POI list as everytime i try to access Add-Ons my LapTimer app simply closes.

I'm running IOS 3.1.3 on an iPhone 3G and have reinstalled it a few times. using IOS 4.0.1 it seems to work but that OS runs like crap on my phone so i reverted back to 3.1.3. Im not sure i've ever had this working all the way on 3.1.3.

The phone is jailbroken to allow use of the full bluetooth stack for my external GPS device.
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Re: LapTimer crashes when attempting to access Add-Ons

Post by Harry »


This is a known bug that occurs on iPhone3Gs due to their limited main memory. LT version 12.1 requires quite some memory when it refreshes the track set list from the server. iPhone3Gs (and the first gen iPhone) crash once the update has been started. You may check if you are successful starting LT right after rebooting your phone (yes, shut it down completely). Version 13.0 has this fixed / has some memory optimizations and will be available in a few days.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

- Harry
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