LapTimer Server v16

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LapTimer Server v16

Postby Harry » Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:15 pm


As some of you had noticed, the server has still been on version 15 while the LapTimer clients are in 16 now for a while. One effect has been the new function to send hall of fame entries after the fact (in cases the realtime submission did not work) had no effect so far. I have updated the server function today but need to give a short status report - not everything is finished:

  • Both realtime lap time submissions and after the fact submissions go into the Hall of Fame now
  • Duplicates are not yet checked, so submitting lap times twice generates two entries
  • The current Hall of Fame has entries starting approximately 3 p.m. UTC = GMT today only. I will add the 'old' entries tonight to not disturb current peak operation (we had 50 concurrent users a few minutes ago)
  • Important: due to an unexpected incompatibility between v15 server and v16 clients no real time lap time submission using v16 worked so far; in case you want to see them submit them using the after the fact submission in Lap Details

The next steps developing the server will be to get the hall of fame into a relational database, and remove duplicates / remove invalid submissions. Although this is not rocket science, this will take some time. I'm currently busy adding Japanese support and making everything ready for the iOS6 / iPhone5 start.

- Harry

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