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LapTimer Hall of Fame

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 3:06 pm
by Harry
Dear LapTimer users,

As most of you will know, we maintain a Hall of Fame for all certified track sets provided in LapTimer ‣ Administration ‣ Add-ons.

Lap times recorded using one of the LapTimer editions Rookie, Petrolhead, and GrandPrix are submitted to this Hall of Fame.
Users can opt in and out from this feature by joining and leaving the Local Track Community group in LapTimer ‣ Friends ‣ Groups.

The snapshot below shows a sample track (LapTimer ‣ Administration ‣ Add-ons) including the Hall of Fame:

IMG_3213-15.PNG (373 KiB) Viewed 2701 times

The Hall of Fame is accessible by all LapTimer users from within the app - which includes a number of filtering and sorting options.

For those who want to analyze or post process this data, some download option is required. In fact, we get this request from track day organizers who want to use this data for some challenges, or to track the progress of drivers frequently.

Starting today, we offer a Windows 10 and macOS command line application allowing a Hall of Fame download.

This application is coming with the same set of filters and options available in LapTimer apps. Entering halloffame into a terminal window will display options available:

Code: Select all

$ halloffame

USAGE: halloffame [-options]

-v        verbose mode, print communication progress
-h        help, show this message
-l<num>   limit to <num> laps, default is 200, server limits apply in addition
-t<id>    select track configuration with identifier <id>, default is 1922 (Nordschleife BTG)
-c<char>  set the column separator for the output, default is a blank
-fg<id>   filter to laps recorded by members of group with identifier <id>
-ft0|1    filter to laps in standard time range, default is 1, 0 turns the filter off
-fd0|1    filter to laps in standard distance range, default is 1, 0 turns the filter off
-fn0|1    filter to laps with driver id set, default is 1, 0 turns the filter off
-sf       sort result with fastest laps first, default is by time of recording (latest)
-st       sort result with latest laps first, opposite of -sf
The most important option is the selection of the track configuration to list. This is done using the unique ID assigned to every certified track sets. For the sample snapshots above (Nordschleife BTG), the ID is 1922 and is shown in row Track Set.

To request the Hall of Fame for this track set, enter the following command:

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$ halloffame -t1922
Dav 10:09.53 19.542 03/08/20 '16 Seat Leon 5F Cupra 
TWO 09:47.10 19.834 03/08/20 '12 Mini R56 
Dav 09:45.18 19.457 03/08/20 '16 Seat Leon 5F Cupra 
TWO 08:21.48 19.616 03/08/20 '12 Mini R56 
KM  07:56.53 19.656 03/08/20 VW Golf GTI 
TWO 08:27.85 19.605 03/08/20 '12 Mini R56 
Mau 09:01.32 19.556 03/08/20 '16 Honda Civic 9 Fk2 Type R GT
Roc 08:29.98 18.909 03/08/20 '14 Chevrolet Corvette C7
Mau 10:04.59 19.679 03/08/20 '16 Honda Civic 9 Fk2 Type R GT
Roc 08:44.95 19.448 03/08/20 '14 Chevrolet Corvette C7
Gre 08:20.08 19.899 03/08/20 
KM  08:20.14 19.619 03/08/20 VW Golf GTI 
KM  08:52.54 19.580 03/08/20 VW Golf GTI 
LMO 10:09.94 19.154 03/08/20 '11 Volkswagen  Golf
AJG 09:35.24 18.897 03/08/20 '07 BMW 3-Series E9x
For track day organizers we recommend to introduce an individual group in LapTimer (LapTimer ‣ Friends ‣ Groups ‣ Request). Trainees can join this group and the organizer can enter this group to filter the list to participants only (see -fg option).

To purchase the application for private and commercial use, please send a mail to and include the following pieces of information:
  • Full name of buyer
  • Company name (optional)
  • Address (optional)
  • PayPal e-mail address to be used for payment
  • Windows 10 or macOS

Once we receive this information, we will issue an invoice using PayPal. Once paid, we make the app available for download.

The price is 19.99 EUR for Europe and 19.99 US$ for the rest of the world. For Germany, VAT is included. For all other countries, the buyer is responsible to pay VAT locally (tax office).

- Harry

Re: LapTimer Hall of Fame

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 7:40 pm
by dydy77
It is good, but i wait more choice for filter in the app (android) before.

We can't filter the hall of frame for our groupe for exemple.

I have created a special group for my friends, when we are on track all our time goes to your server in the all of frame.
After track if we go into track's all of frame of the day, we can compare our time, it is good.

But if few day after (or one year after...) i want to view the time of my friends in my group...i can't :o

Add the same filter as ou propose here, in the app, will be very good my friend ;)

Re: LapTimer Hall of Fame

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 7:58 pm
by Harry
Why do you think you can’t use the group filter a day or year later?