LapTimer v21.0.7 available on the stores

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LapTimer v21.0.7 available on the stores

Post by Harry »

Dear LapTimer users,

Version 21.0.5/6 has been a pretty stable one, so we had no bugfix releases for some months...

Remaining open issues are addressed in v21.0.7 - which is available on the stores now.

Updated apps:
  • Harry's LapTimer all editions (iOS, Android)
    ROUSH LapTimer (iOS)
    Harry's GPS/OBD Buddy (iOS, Android)
    OMP Racing Suite (iOS)
    Harry's Dyno (iOS, Android)
  • iOS and Android: Direction calculations for Autosport Labs RaceCapture device has been fixed. You should see a smooth driving direction movement now. The problem fixed did not only show wrong values, but led to missed triggers too. Please report back in case you are still seeing issues.
  • Android: I had some reports on problems with video overlays (using Export) failing both for the hardware and software encoding versions included in LapTimer. It turned out this can be due to outdated file formats used for SD cards. In case you have an external SD card formatted using FAT32, please switch to exFAT. The former has a file size limit of 4GB - which hits in for FullHD videos after 20 minutes. As LapTimer does not expect this limit, Android silently stops recording and leaves a corrupted video. Although these videos can be repair often, you will miss any recording beyond 20 minutes - which is odd. As I do not want to introduce video fragmentation like used for HEROs, I have added a file system check issuing a warning in case LapTimer detects a 4GB limit.
  • Android: External Cam only operation did not work for action cams. Instead, Internal + External Cam had to be used. This problem is fixed for v21.0.7.
  • iOS, iPads: The Export option for video overlays is operational again.
Enjoy and best wishes for the remaining racing season!

- Harry
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Re: LapTimer v21.0.7 available on the stores

Post by MrBlah »

One my my android phones is crashing when I go to analysis, video list. I formatted the SD card, no change

analysis lap list works fine, and the videos from a test there worked.
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