LapTimer v21 announcement (iOS and Android)

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LapTimer v21 announcement (iOS and Android)

Post by Harry »

Dear friend of LapTimer,

This is the summary of changes and new features coming with LapTimer v21. At the time of writing, I have finished v21 development and try to get the apps to the stores asap. This may take anything between 1 and 4 days.

First off, thank you to all my users. Since v20, I received lots of reports, suggestions and feature request again. Although I'm not able to add everything (actually only a small portion of what could be done), your input is priceless to make LapTimer the most advanced tool in the market.

LapTimer v21 is a free upgrade for all existing users again. Not sure I can keep this model forever, but as long as existing users support and promote the app a lot, I try to keep it as a give back.

The list of changes in v21 is as follows:

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New features:
‣ Improved VBO export (includes video linking) [Petrolhead and above]
‣ Added vehicle repository and completion functions (crowd sourced)
‣ Added Plain/Standard/Expert display levels
‣ Completely revised client / server communication
‣ Added a social networking area (Forum and Facebook)
‣ Added network traffic monitoring and reporting
‣ Added special interest groups management support (Groups)
‣ Reworked map annotations for all map displays
‣ Massive refactoring and performance improvements [Android]
‣ Improved overlaying times for Android by 20% and for iOS by 50%
‣ Migrated Dropbox interface to v2
‣ 60 fps support for internal cam [iOS, Petrolhead and above]
While most of this items are self explanatory, a remark on the "display level" feature. Doing software design for an app like LapTimer is a difficult task because of different expectations and experience of users. While many LapTimer users (including myself) prefer features over simplicity, many new users are overwhelmed by complexity and details available. To address this, the display level feature has been introduced. When starting v21 the first time, you will see the interface is looking plain. This is the default now. Many icons, texts and explanations will be hidden while in plain. To get back all details, please switch "Display Level" to "Standard" or "Expert" in LapTimer's settings.

Besides this, I have added quite some new sensors and cams again:

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New sensor support including:
‣ HERO+, HERO+ LCD, HERO 5 Black [GrandPrix]
‣ Garmin Virb X, XE, Ultra 30 [GrandPrix]
‣ Bad Elf Lightning, Pro, Pro+, Surveyor [iOS]
‣ RaceCapture Track, Pro/MK2 WiFi, Pro/MK3, Pro/Apex [GrandPrix]
I plan another major release later this year. It will focus on a scriptable sensor interface allowing 3rd parties to add their own sensor plug-ins, as well as the long awaited MultiCam app renovation.

Thanks again for your support, I'm looking forward to your feedback!

- Harry
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