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iOS 8 - install or wait?

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 8:51 pm
by devenh
Don't want to install iOS 8 until HLT is confirmed to work (along with all accessories). I'll wait until next week, but has testing revealed anything yet?


Re: iOS 8 - install or wait?

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:28 pm
by Harry
The introduction of a new major release usually adds some issues. It is always a question of "new feature" vs "stability/risk". Existing apps (generated for iOS7: LapTimer v18.3) will usually behave exactly like on this OS version and will not show many issues. Apple runs old apps in compatibility mode. Once you generate the app for the new OS (LapTimer v18.3.3), the compatibility mode is removed and the app will run into new issues...

To sum it up: in case you want to be sure, stay with iOS7 and LapTimer v18.3 for 3 or 4 weeks ;-)


Re: iOS 8 - install or wait?

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:28 pm
by gplracerx
There's also the issue of the new OS causing the oldest upgradable device to run more slowly, i.e. an iPhone 4 for iOS 7 and the iPhone 4s for iOS 8. I'll wait and see. I had pretty good luck with the system this last weekend, other than having to use a workaround to stop video recording started manually. But that's not an OS issue. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Re: iOS 8 - install or wait?

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:06 am
by bulls23
I upgraded both my 5s and my 4s to iOS8 and did a way to work test run this morning together with VBOX and the 4s as Multicam. No trouble at all, only difference I noticed on both devices is the video stabilization that can't be disabled.

Re: iOS 8 - install or wait?

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:27 am
by Harry
Same for me for 18.3. 18.3.3 is a different topic, I needed to pull back the latest submission to work on compatibility...


Report bugs for iOS8?

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:07 pm
by bulls23
Is it of any use to report bugs or problems for v18.3 on iOS8 or is it a waste of time because everything will be fine with the first optimized release?

Re: Report bugs for iOS8?

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:42 pm
by Harry
No, please report in case you come across an issue. v18.3.3 will behave completely different and many issues may go away (or come in addition). But it is always good to test if issues with your configuration are fixed before I submit further updates.

- Harry

Recalculation options on wrong layer

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:32 am
by bulls23
With v18.3 on iOS8 you can't access any of the recalculate options, at least in the second step. Once you selct what you need in the first step, the second step (e.g. normal, wide narrow) is here but behind the first step pop-up. At first I thought it was a freeze but when sending the App to background and re-opening you see the buttons for a second.

Re: Recalculation options on wrong layer

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:53 am
by Harry
Thanks, could reproduce it and will be fixed in the next release.

- Harry

Known problems with iOS8 transition

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:04 am
by Harry
[This topic serves as the central thread on all issues poping up after iOS7 to iOS8 updates. Please use this thread for all issues that came up after upgrading. Do not use this thread in case you run into a problem using iOS8 you are not sure you had not in iOS7. So all transition relevant discussions go here, nothing else. Thanks.]

[Please check the update available here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2515&start=20#p13216]

As often during major iOS updates, it seems things are fine in the beginning. Apple works hard on keeping downward compatibility. E.g. they make iOS8 behave like iOS6 in case an app installed has been developed for iOS6. This scheme often allows a smooth transition for existing apps and updates to the new iOS are often not needed. However, this does not work always...

In case you prefer stability above features, I recommend to wait 2 or 3 weeks until you update your device to the next iOS major release. This allows users to find issues and developers to provide fixes.

Problems for iOS8 transition using LapTimer v18.3 are the following [regularly updated]:
  • when ever an Actions Sheet (the selection animating in from the bottom of the screen) is used, selecting a function using alerts to prompt the user with several options to chose from does not work. Instead of presenting the prompt front most, it is hidden behind the action sheet - the app appears to be frozen and needs to be killed. This effect happens for the Export function in the bottom of Lap List (not Lap Details), the Contact button in the initial Information screen, the Recalculate button in Lap Details, and when sending an alert (yellow flag); workarounds: none
  • rotating the device crashes LapTimer; workaround: start LapTimer is the orientation you plan to use and do not rotate
  • the Rate button in LapTimer's Contact menu does not work for iOS8 so far
  • video recording fails; the video file is created but shows up with a 0:00 duration / 0 bytes; bug reported to Apple, workarounds: none [Update: I have found a workaround for this issue, it will go into the next bug fix release]
  • iOS8's temperature management seems to crash regularly in background; unclear if this has an effect on LapTimer operation; workarounds: none
I will update this topic once I get more feedback or run into other issues. I will move any posts on iOS transition issues to this topic too.

- Harry