Harry's LapTimer Rookie v17.1 for Android available

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Re: Harry's LapTimer Rookie v17.1 for Android available

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I am falling into the same dilemma. I think I will keep my iPhone5 strickly as a lap timer (and ipod) and move back to android as well.. IOS laptimer works so good for me and I am so happy with it that I will keep it around just for that. I can use a hot spot or whatever for connectivity (or just leave the contract running). I am sick of my iphone with everything else though. really frustrating. Hopefully the android port will be just as good or better and be quick with updates! :-)
bldn10 wrote:Harry, I've been running HLT for a couple of years and my 2-year AT&T/iPhone commitment will be over 11/3. I'm sick of AT&T and Apple and am considering switching to a Galaxy and another carrier. Are you confident that you will have Android Petrol Head up and running by next Spring?
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