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Fewer than 10 Posts
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I've noticed that the last known location is published in the:

"Friends" -> "Groups" tab

I can see tons of little red & green dots giving away ones current and last known location/address!!! This raises serious concerns for privacy!!! :shock:

Can you please look into this and disable this feature? Or at the very least when someone turns off the profile and choose "Disconnect" that their last known location is erased from the system?

I'm aware one can go into their phone settings turn off location service, choose disconnect in the friends tabs and turn off cellular service, and despite doing all the this you can still see red dots (not active) and current green dots (active) raises serious privacy issues! :shock:
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Post by Harry »

As commented by mail already:
Please leave all groups. The system is symmetrical - you see others while you share your own position. Once you leave / inactivate a group membership, your position will be removed too. In additions, positions expire after a few days when LapTimer is not used.

Actually you should have received an alert asking for confirmation your position is shared when you entered Groups the first time.

Actually we are super sensible about privacy. You can read about our policies here:
To be more specific, once you leave a group your position will be removed immediately. Only in case you stay in the group (signaling you want to use the feature) but don't use the app, the deferred expiration applies.

- Harry
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